Community Policing Partnerships Are Effective at Preventing Crime & Solving Community Public Safety Issues

Partnerships To Combat Crime

Partnerships between law enforcement in Hawaii and the Hawaii Hotel and Visitor Industry Association (HHVISA) are forming to combat the problem.  This association shares cross jurisdictional information to identify, disrupt, and apprehend criminals affecting Hawaii Hotel and Visitor Industry. 

Community Policing - A True Crime Fighting Partnership.

This website and its mapping capabilities are focused on providing real-time intelligence that will allow law enforcement and Hotel and Visitor Industry security personnel the ability to identify and resolve cases that impact the "larger picture" or related crimes. A true crime fighting partnership! Through a collaborative partnership, law enforcement and security personnel from the Hotel and Visitor Industry will be able to work together to develop new and innovative ways to combat crimes.

Community and Business Partnerships Help Police Prevent Crime.

HHVISA provides a means for law enforcement agencies to engage stakeholders in a public safety partnership. Every jurisdiction has business partners who want to help address crime in their community, but do not have a venue for proactive engagement.  Hotel and Visitor Industry security personnel along with community partnerships help police expand their ability to fight crime proactively. 

With HHVISA, members become additional eyes and ears for crime prevention and to help minimize crime. Your hotel and visitor industry business (large or small) is needed to make Hawaii a safer place to live, work, and shop. Information sharing among law enforcement, hotel security personnel and businesses are the foundation for the success and sustainment of this program.

Corporate partnerships are extremely important.  Their greater resources are needed to address the magnitude of the threats we now face. By uniting businesses, city officials, and law enforcement in a plan to reduce crime and build awareness, we can help communities create safer environments.

Join Hawaii's "Crime Fighting" Community.

HHVISA operates like a security "Crime Watch" that allows stakeholders to communicate about criminal activity impacting them on a real time basis. Hotel Security and Visitor Industry Partners use the system to alert each other about criminal incidents impacting their property, business or geographic area, in an effort to prevent other partners from being victimized.

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